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  Brightever is a supplier of innovative titanium material. It is headquartered in Canada with branches in UK, Australia and manufacturing facilities in China.

   Our main products are titanium sheets, pipes, forgings, castings and other titanium products. We can also supply other products according to our customer’s requirements. The company serves for aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, optoelectronic, petroleum, chemical, and some other relating fields.

  Our mission is to offer our customers high quality products with the most competitive prices. With our  professional staff, we can manufacture or outsource quality products for our customers. It is our policy to meet the demands of our customers to the fullest extent and establish a firm, fruitful and long lasting relationship with all of our clientele.


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Tel.:  +1 403-800 0736

Fax:  +1 866 652 6038


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Titanium Sheets and Plates

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